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Product Line

We are a trusted manufacturer, exporter and supplier of the following products:

  • Plastic Dust Bin
    • Dust Bin 101Stripe (5.5 Ltr.)
    • Dust Bin 3003 Strips (9.5 Ltr.)
    • Waste Bin Jali Fresh
    • Dust Bin 111 (8 Ltr.) Frosty
  • Plastic Bucket
    • Bucket 25 Frosty Lehar
    • Bucket 20 Frosty Lehar
    • Bucket 16 Frosty Lehar
    • Bucket 261 Stripe Fresh
    • Bucket 201 Stripe Fresh
    • Bucket 1116 Strips Fresh
    • Bucket 111 Frosty
  • Bath Mug
    • Bath Mug 1900 Stripe Fresh
    • Bath Mug 2000 Millenium
    • Bath Mug Alto 1000
    • Bath Mug 1800 Lehar
  • Plastic Bath Tub
    • Basin 15 Frosty
    • Basin 20 Frosty
    • Basin 25 Frosty
    • Tub 750 Frosty
    • Flower Bath Tub
    • Bath Tub 950 Frosty Lehar
    • Frosty Bath Tubs
  • Plastic Household Items
    • Plastic Bucket
    • Plastic Bucket Frosty
    • Plastic Items (Household Product)
    • Plastic Dust Bin
    • Office Dust Bin
    • Plastic Bath Stool
    • Bath Stool (Frosty)
    • 6 Fridge Bottles 4 Ice Trays
  • Plastic Bathroom Items
    • Plastic Bath Set
    • Plastic Bath Tub
    • Plastic Bath Mug
    • Plastic Bath Set Frosty
  • Plastic Dust Pick
    • Dust Pick Small Fresh
    • Dust Pick Medium Fresh
    • Dust Pick Large Fresh
  • Soap Case
    • Soap Case Fairy
    • Soap Case 3 In 1 PP
    • Soap Case
    • Soap Case Twin
  • Plastic Bath Stool
    • Bath Stool Viva
    • Multi Purpose Stool (Long)
    • Multi Purpose Bath Stool Corolla
    • Multi Purpose Bath Stool Honda
    • Multi Purpose Bath Stool Innova (Fresh)
  • Microwaveable Soup Set
    • Red Soup Set
    • White Soup Set
    • Blue Soup Set
    • Green Soup Set
    • Yellow Soup Set
  • Disposable Ware
    • 24 Pieces Yellow Dinner Sets
    • Dinner Set Combo Six Full Plates And Bowls
    • 24 Pieces Red Dinner Sets
    • Blue Dinner Set
    • Disposable Dinner Set
    • 6 Pcs Full Square Plates / Veg Bowls
  • Luxury Wares
    • Platter
    • Luxury Ware
    • 4 Full Plates, 4 Bowls, 4 Spoons, 4 Glasses
    • 6 Pcs Full Round Plates / Veg Bowls
    • 6 Pcs Full Square Plates / Veg Bowls
  • Round Plastic Plates
    • Plastic Rice Plates
    • Rice Plates
    • Full Round Plates / Veg Bowls
    • Plastic Ware
  • Fridge Bottles
    • Fridge Bottle/Ice Trays
    • Ice Trays/Fridge Bottle
    • Fridge Bottle
    • 4 Fridge Bottles 4 Ice Trays
    • 6 Fridge Bottles 4 Ice Trays
    • Ice Trays/ Fridge Bottles
  • Plastic ware
    • Plastic Ware
    • Full Square Plates / Veg Bowls
    • Plastic Rice Plates
  • Microwave Full Square Plates
    • Red Full Square Plates
    • White Full Square Plate
    • Yellow Full Square Plates
    • Blue Full Square Plates
    • Green Full Square Plates
  • Microwave Full Round Plates
    • Yellow Full Plate Round
    • Red Full Round Plates
    • Green Full Round Plate
    • White Full Round Plates
    • Blue Full Round Plate
  • Microwaveable Plastic Dinner Sets 29 Pcs.
    • Plastic Dinner Set
    • Plastic Dinnerware
    • Plastic Chillers Set
    • Dinner Set
  • Microwaveable Plastic Dinner Sets 24 Pcs.
    • Yellow Dinner Sets
    • 24 Pieces White Dinner Sets
    • Blue Dinner Sets
    • Red Dinner Set
  • Microwaveable Plastic Dinner Sets 36 Pcs.
    • White Dinner Set
    • Yellow Dinner Plate
    • Red Dinner Set
    • Blue Dinner Set
    • Green Dinner Set
  • Microwaveable Plastic Dinner Sets 42 Pcs.
    • Yellow Dinner Set
    • Blue Dinner Set
    • Green Dinner Set
    • White Dinner Set
  • Microwaveable Plastic Dinner Sets 44 Pcs.
    • White Dinner Set
    • Blue Dinner Set
    • Yellow Dinner Set
    • Red Dinner Set
  • Microwaveable Pudding Set
    • White Pudding Set
    • Red Pudding Set
    • Yellow Pudding Set
    • Green Pudding Set
  • Microwaveable Cake Set
    • Red Cake Set
    • Blue Cake Set
    • Green Cake Set


We appoint the following professionals:

Plastic Technicians: They help us identify and source good quality raw material from reputable vendors. They also assist us in developing the the raw plastic into its usable forms.

Designers: Our designers ensure that we produce high quality and attractive looking plastic ware in vibrant color combinations and enticing designs.

Skilled and Non-skilled labors: They are responsible for executing all the plans that have been made at the managerial levels to perfection.

Chemical & Polymer Engineers: They are entrusted with the responsibility of identifying proper raw material and employing advanced blending techniques, so as to attain the proper finish and desired durability in end products.

Apart from these we also have the service support of other back hand staff, including Administration, HR, Accounts, Housekeeping and the Personal Department.

Quality Policy

In line with ISO 9001:2000 quality benchmarks, we constantly endeavor to deliver quality products at best prices to customers. In order to produce quality household items, we nurture a strong quality management team who works in unison to ensure that every product rolling out of our production floor meets quality specifications and norms of international standard. This is made possible through employment of world class raw material and utilization of latest production technology.

Keeping tab on the dynamic trends of the markets, we always tend to experiment and indulge into new ideas, thus assuring our clients on-time delivery of premium products at industry leading rates.


We have set up a strong production plant duly installed with latest and highly sophisticated machines and tools. Here, industry recommended guidelines are strictly followed by a competent product development team who works with the sole motto of delivering best quality products to our esteemed customers.

We have also invested on a good and fully equipped warehouse, where finished products are safely stocked by qualified storekeepers. Further, we also manage a well-knit packing facility, where our trained packaging professionals offer product packaging in standard as well as in customized specifications as per the demands of our clients.

Additionally, we have with us well-developed transportation facilities. We manage a strong networking system with a number of transport houses, leveraging on which we assure timely delivery of all our consignments not only in India but across key markets, worldwide.


We aim to provide clients with complete solutions, as per which we undertake product customization. Products are customized in terms of material, size, color, price, etc., to exact specifications as provided by our bulk buyers.

Raw Materials

Our products are manufactured & processed using A-grade raw material that are purchased from credible vendors across the local market. The various chemicals that we utilize for manufacturing final finished products are:

  • Acetophenone
  • Amino Guanidine Bicarbonate
  • Ammonium Persulfate
  • Bronopol
  • Butane Diol
  • Calcium Gluconate
  • Diethyl Carbonate
  • Dimethyl Malonate
  • Tartaric Acid
  • Formamide
  • Gamma Butyrolactone etc.