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Company Profile
Business Type Exporter , Manufacturer , Supplier
Total Turnover Rs. 80 Lakhs
Export Percentage 50% - 60%
No of Staff 26 to 50 People
Year of Establishment 1997
No of Production Lines 1
Export Markets
  • Australia/NZ
  • Indian Subcontinent
  • Caribbean
  • East/Middle Africa
  • North Africa
  • South/West Africa
  • East Europe
  • East Asia
  • Central America
  • North Europe
  • Middle East
  • South America
  • South/West Europe
  • South East Asia
  • North America
Monthly Production Capacity As per requirement
Product Range

Plastic Dust Bin

Dust Bin 101Stripe (5.5 Ltr.)

Waste Bin Jali Fresh

Dust Bin 111 (8 Ltr.) Frosty

Dust Bin 3003 Strips (9.5 Ltr.)

Plastic Bucket

Bucket 25 Frosty Lehar

Bucket 261 Stripe Fresh

Bucket 1116 Strips Fresh

Bucket 20 Frosty Lehar

Bucket 201 Stripe Fresh

Bucket 111 Frosty

Bucket 16 Frosty Lehar

Bath Mug

Bath Mug 1900 Stripe Fresh

Bath Mug Alto 1000

Bath Mug 1800 Lehar

Bath Mug 2000 Millenium

Plastic Bath Tub

Basin 15 Frosty

Tub 750 Frosty

Bath Tub 950 Frosty Lehar

Basin 20 Frosty

Flower Bath Tub

Frosty Bath Tubs

Basin 25 Frosty

Plastic Household Items

Plastic Bucket

Plastic Dust Bin

Bath Stool (Frosty)

Plastic Bucket Frosty

Office Dust Bin

6 Fridge Bottles 4 Ice Trays

Plastic Items (Household Product)

Plastic Bath Stool

Plastic Bathroom Items

Plastic Bath Set

Plastic Bath Mug

Plastic Bath Set Frosty

Plastic Bath Tub

Plastic Dust Pick

Dust Pick Small Fresh

Dust Pick Medium Fresh

Dust Pick Large Fresh

Soap Case

Soap Case Fairy

Soap Case

Soap Case Twin

Soap Case 3 In 1 PP

Plastic Bath Stool

Bath Stool Viva

Multi Purpose Bath Stool Corolla

Multi Purpose Bath Stool Innova (Fresh)

Multi Purpose Stool (Long)

Multi Purpose Bath Stool Honda

Microwaveable Soup Set

Red Soup Set

Blue Soup Set

Yellow Soup Set

White Soup Set

Green Soup Set

Disposable Ware

24 Pieces Yellow Dinner Sets

24 Pieces Red Dinner Sets

Disposable Dinner Set

Dinner Set Combo Six Full Plates And Bowls

Blue Dinner Set

6 Pcs Full Square Plates / Veg Bowls

Luxury Wares


4 Full Plates, 4 Bowls, 4 Spoons, 4 Glasses

6 Pcs Full Square Plates / Veg Bowls

Luxury Ware

6 Pcs Full Round Plates / Veg Bowls

Round Plastic Plates

Plastic Rice Plates

Full Round Plates / Veg Bowls

Plastic Ware

Rice Plates

Fridge Bottles

Fridge Bottle/Ice Trays

Fridge Bottle

6 Fridge Bottles 4 Ice Trays

Ice Trays/Fridge Bottle

4 Fridge Bottles 4 Ice Trays

Ice Trays/ Fridge Bottles

Plastic ware

Plastic Ware

Full Square Plates / Veg Bowls

Plastic Rice Plates

Microwave Full Square Plates

Red Full Square Plates

Yellow Full Square Plates

Green Full Square Plates

White Full Square Plate

Blue Full Square Plates

Microwave Full Round Plates

Yellow Full Plate Round

Green Full Round Plate

Blue Full Round Plate

Red Full Round Plates

White Full Round Plates

Microwaveable Plastic Dinner Sets 29 Pcs.

Plastic Dinner Set

Plastic Chillers Set

Dinner Set

Plastic Dinnerware

Microwaveable Plastic Dinner Sets 24 Pcs.

Yellow Dinner Sets

Blue Dinner Sets

Red Dinner Set

24 Pieces White Dinner Sets

Microwaveable Plastic Dinner Sets 36 Pcs.

White Dinner Set

Red Dinner Set

Green Dinner Set

Yellow Dinner Plate

Blue Dinner Set

Microwaveable Plastic Dinner Sets 42 Pcs.

Yellow Dinner Set

Green Dinner Set

White Dinner Set

Blue Dinner Set

Microwaveable Plastic Dinner Sets 44 Pcs.

White Dinner Set

Yellow Dinner Set

Red Dinner Set

Blue Dinner Set

Microwaveable Pudding Set

White Pudding Set

Yellow Pudding Set

Green Pudding Set

Red Pudding Set

Microwaveable Cake Set

Red Cake Set

Blue Cake Set

Green Cake Set